Welcome to the Fastest Airport Shuttle Service
in the Sarasota-Tampa Area!


Sarasota-Tampa Express offers regular daily round trip shuttle service to and from Tampa International Airport.Our pick up location in Sarasota is at the Publix Supermarket in the University Walk Plaza located at Tuttle Ave and University Pkwy.

We will be picking up/dropping off over by the pond, next to the drive through pharmacy, at the East end of the plaza. There is a covered area where you may wait for the van. You can see the van pull up from this area. We also offer a pick up in the North Bradenton area.

The Bradenton pick up location is at the Rodeway Inn and Suites on 301 and 1st St. It is located about a block South of the Red Barn flea market. Please call to make a reservation at least 48 hours in advance to be picked up at that hotel. Reservations are now required for all pick ups from ALL locations.

Sarasota_Tampa express shuttle bus service

Types of Services

  • Airport shuttle bus pick up
  • 24 passenger "party" bus
  • 9 passenger van
  • 47 passenger coach available
guaranteed pick up
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